Why The Preschool / Child Care Industry?

Talk to the owner of a child care franchise and you’re likely to hear the same story – few events rival that of experiencing the graduation of a preschooler that came to your academy as an infant. Partnering with parents to help each child build a foundation upon which future learning success can be obtained is the type of life-long reward that is likely to exceed any financial gain – the realization that you truly have made a significant, tangible and profound positive impact in the life of a child. Because of the need for quality preschools and child care facilities, such an impact can be repeated over and over again. Indeed, by next year, research indicates that 85% of parents in the workforce will have child care obligations. Currently, over 13 million preschoolers attend some form of daycare or child care daily and the numbers continue to grow. With an ever increasing focus on quality, more and more parents are seeking out the best schools for their children – schools like Sunbrook Academy.

Own a Sunbrook Academy Child Care Franchise

As a franchisee you may be in business for yourself, but you’re never in business by yourself. That’s because the Sunbrook Academy franchise team is there to help you achieve and maintain a position of industry leadership and excellence. As successful operators of academies as well as franchisors, we understand the complexities, challenges and rewards of being in the child care business. We are poised to help you achieve your financial and business goals through support in the following critical areas: Staff Development, Marketing, and Business Operations. Not only does Sunbrook child care franchising provide a highly structured system to ensure your success, our development team also provides ongoing support through:

  • Access to proven operational and business management systems and manuals
  • Human Resources assistance
  • Parent relations and resources assistance
  • Strategic Planning Meetings
  • Purchasing Programs
  • Curriculum Development
  • Industry Licensing Support
  • Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations campaign development and support

Our current franchisees will tell you that operating a Sunbrook Academy franchise offers more rewards than just financial ones. However, their financial success is paramount to our partnership. As a franchisee your business is supported by Sunbrook’s insistence on “Child-First” operations, on being the best child care center in your market area, and on delivering care and educational proposition to parents and students that is unbeatable by the competition. Simply put the Sunbrook child care franchise system plans for your success as a direct byproduct of the combination of our operational system and your commitment to successful day-to-day management.