About Sunbrook Academy

Smiling baby at Sunbrook AcademyBy enrolling your child at Sunbrook Academy, you’re making the decision to provide your child a priceless advantage. Every detail of the Sunbrook experience has been meticulously planned to create the most effective and enjoyable child-friendly environment for social, emotional and academic development. Enhanced by progressive educational tools, dynamic, leading-edge materials and a carefully selected professional staff, Sunbrook Academy is a nationally-recognized leader for early childhood development. No other program can duplicate the Sunbrook approach. We are proud to provide you and your family with a full range of opportunities for discovery and growth for a lifetime of success:

  • Individual, developmentally appropriate classrooms
  • Hands-on, teacher developed curriculum that encourages and appropriately challenges each child
  • Progressive materials and educationally conducive equipment and furnishings
  • Qualified teaching staff that support strong adult-child relationships and bonding
  • Nationally Accredited Nutrition & Wellness Programs including meals and snacks
  • State-of-the-art computer labs and tablets
  • On-going communication and opportunities for parent participation including use of website, email and social media to share your student’s progress.

Real Learning

In addition to our proven academic curriculum, FOUNDATIONS™ Learning Curriculum, Sunbrook Academy provides the kind of hands-on, child-friendly environment that makes education fun, inviting and, most of all, safe. Our centers include an exclusive water park, developmentally appropriate playgrounds, 24-hour secure facilities and a building specifically designed to encourage education. Sunbrook Academy can provide your child with the kind of real experiences necessary for a lifetime of success. Experience the Difference!

Leading the Way in Early Childhood Education

With years of experience in early childhood education, we understand the complexities of quality childcare, and we stay ahead of the curve with all the latest advances in early childhood education. From field trips that excite the imagination to personalized instruction in music, art and foreign language, Sunbrook Academy empowers your child to explore the world in a safe and nurturing environment. Every aspect of a Sunbrook Academy speaks to the level of service we believe you and your child deserve.

Sunbrook & Technology

Security Technology at Sunbrook AcademyAt Sunbrook Academy we use technology to engage our entire community of customers and not just those that enroll. We are active in our use of social media as a vital plug-in for parents, as well as prospective customers and the community at large. We have the industry’s leading on-line marketing collateral including a highly successful presence on Facebook, and Twitter. Additionally, we employ tablet technology with our exclusive digital reporting partner, Kid Reports to provide exciting daily information to parents direct to their smart phones.

Sunbrook Academy also uses state of the art technology to reduce the risk of illness in the center by partnering with Zono Sanitech. With the Zono system we are able to safely and quickly sanitize almost every object in your school by treating it directly with humidity and ozone in a sealed cabinet. Franchisee’s will see that Sunbrook Academy uses technology to actively engage its students in and out of the classroom maintaining our business advantage for our franchisees.