Training & Support

Infant playing with toys at daycareAt Sunbrook Academy our Training & Support team provide you with years of experience operating in the child care industry and even more experience running successful franchise businesses. You’ll attend pre-opening training at SunbrookU, our exclusive on-site training environment where you’ll receive hands on training in real-time. Your team will experience all the facets of running a successful franchise of Sunbrook Academy from the best in the business and you’ll do it under the mindful support of certified trainers. You and your directors will receive dedicated training before your school opens for business.

We’ll follow up on training with regular site visits, as well as weekly director conference calls to ensure that the training sticks. Sunbrook Franchising provides pre-opening franchisee training, pre-opening director training, ongoing director training, professional development for teachers and staff, on-site opening support, post opening training evaluations, and ongoing support throughout the lifetime of your franchise.